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A New Understanding Of Chronic Pain : The Free Energy Principle And Body Awareness

July 2, 2018

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Welcome To My Shiny New Website!

April 30, 2017


After weeks of agonising I am proud to have my beautiful website go live. It has been created by the very talented (and patient) Martin Will, who I cannot recommend highly enough. He is contactable via email at


Alongside the traditional osteopathic/ acupuncture approach to pain I am introducing  an Integrated Pain Management programme for people suffering from persistent pain.This takes in all my skills to work between myself and the patient to find the best approach to helping manage their pain.


I believe it to be unique and is strongly based on the latest research. The understanding of pain science has improved dramatically in the last 20 years, more so than collectively for the last 2000 years. The evidence is pointing to the need to look not just at the scans or blood tests, but at the individual with all their complexities. This can only be carried out through a "biopsychosocial" assessment, meaning looking at not just the physical problem, but someones thinking and beliefs as well as their work life, social life and activity levels .This is currently seen as the best way of understanding where to aim treatment. Using techniques such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness can be seen as a "top-down" approach by treating the mind to effect the body,whilst approaches such as osteopathy, acupuncture and exercise are a "bottom-up" approach whereby you treat the body to effect the nervous system/mind.


If for example you have persistent pain and you eat well, exercise regularly, but sleep only 3 hours a night due to a racing mind and anxiety, then the treatment will need to be geared towards improving sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.An approach such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness or relaxation techniques may well be the best way to treat this and you can be taught to practise at home using MP3's or C.D's supplied by myself If however the pain was more to do with being deconditioned and you are moving with difficulty due to pain, then physical therapy and graded exercise will be more pertinent. Education about pain is also a central theme as the more you understand your pain the less suffering you experience.


The programme is challenging, but I believe will provide you with lots tools to help control your pain and move forward in your life. 


I am happy to take any queries about this or anything else you may wish to ask. I look forward to welcoming you to my practice.

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