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About Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a relatively small but well respected profession in this country and worldwide. Osteopaths undertake a full time four year degree course. This involves in-depth study of anatomy, and covers other areas such as physiology, orthopaedics, pathology and practical training. 

The aim of an osteopath is to help an individual to achieve their optimal health and restore painful tissues with the use of varied techniques. These include deep tissue massage, manipulation, stretch and articulation. Advice is also an important part of a treatment.


We are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council 

About Pain

Nobody wants to be in pain. However at any given time 20 percent of the worlds population is experiencing a pain that has lasted longer than 3 months. It is unpleasant but a vital and complex tool to our survival. Our sensory nerves are continually relaying information about the state of our tissues. If a signal is strong enough the brain will be alerted to these “alarm bells”. It will tell the brain where the problem is, how bad it is and its nature. This stops us from further injuring ourselves i.e. take your hand off the hot plate. It helps us to not do it again. It is important to remember that the sensory nerves relay information. So, pain is actually experienced in the brain.

Although a vital tool sometimes the system goes wrong and may not relay alarm bells when the body is in danger. However it may also keep reporting pain when the original injury has resolved. In this instance chronic or persistent pain will develop. However the nervous system is "plastic" - meaning it can change throughout the lifetime and therefore has the ability to positively change your pain.

“It is not events, but our opinions about them, which cause us suffering” Epictetus

"Sometimes our bodies get stuck in a painful state. It is the job of an osteopath to find the problem and through the use of hands on treatment and exercise and lifestyle advice, to nudge the body back to its natural healing state."