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"A support network and regular coaching boosts people’s chances for meeting their health and wellbeing goals"


9 Week Integrative Programme

Group therapies




Integrated Pain Management is an evidenced based way to treat somebody suffering with persistent pain.

It underlies the scientific understanding that pain is complex, having both physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects to it.

Integrated pain Management looks at all of the elements that are getting in the way of positive change. It offers a schedule of techniques to provide a balance to treating the whole person.

Graham has a diverse range of techniques from years of study. Each element is integrated to increase the positive outcomes for clients.

This programme is designed for anyone with persistent pain seeking an evidenced based programme for change. It will start with an 90 minute assessment with goals and a plan for change agreed. The mentoring and coaching element to the process helps make sure the goals are achieved.

Wellness initiatives in the workplace are gaining pace: 31% of employers plan to implement a wellness strategy in 2017

Wellness in the workplace

We spend a lot of time at work and a lot at our desks. This can be unhealthy. An estimated 1.2 million people who worked in 2015/16 were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by work. Around 80% of the new work-related conditions in 2015/16 were musculoskeletal disorders or stress, depression or anxiety . The direct costs of employee absence to the economy are estimated at more than £14bn per year according to the CBI.

Historically, employee health has fallen under the health and safety banner and has been limited to occupational health related interventions for injuries or illnesses acquired while at work. More recent initiatives have begun to challenge this relatively restrictive view of employee health, advocating an expansion of health and safety programmes to encompass a more holistic approach to wellness, to be proactive rather than reactive.

Graham has developed a unique programme due to his diverse training that can offer pain and stress management, taking in a variety of techniques to help restore optimal health. These include mindfulness, hypnotherapy and relaxation, pain education, sleep hygiene, individualised exercise programmes and motivational coaching to help create change. It is also hoped that there will be an atmosphere of mutual support and the facilitator will be available throughout the weeks via email, text or skype if issues arise.

How does it work?

Each employee will have a separate 90 minute “biopsychosocial“ assessment so that sessions can be both collective and have individualized elements depending on needs.

The 90 minute modules can be either weekly or fortnightly. Alongside the sessions participants will be expected to carry out “homework”, that may involve diary keeping, listening to recordings and exercising as prescribed.

Each programme is tailored to take account of the individual needs of the group. The group sessions are split into nine 90 minute modules, each dealing with specific but connected issues.

Scroll through the modules on the right for an outline >


The cost of a group will vary depending on the specific requirements. An average programme would be nine on-site modules, for up to ten individuals.


Contact us for more details. 

Individual programmes

Designed for anyone with persistent pain, (which might involve headaches and IBS) or stress and anxiety. Graham can help companies facilitate employees safe return to work, through using a tailored programme. The sessions will be similar to group programme above but with more focus on their individual complaints. However some people find that there is more support working within a group setting.

Sessions are £180 for the initial consultation, lasting 90 minutes and £120 for follow up appointments lasting 60 minutes. It would be usual to have between 8-10 sessions, but some may require less and some more.


“I am very excited to bring this programme together as it has taken many years of study to get to this point. I believe this offers someone with persistent pain the best hope for improved outcomes. Although people  will be attending for pain relief, I think they will gain many other benefits from this programme. For example, a lot of techniques have a relaxation or meditational element to them and therefore people may find they sleep better, are more tuned in to others and will think more calmly and clearly”.

Graham Yates

Each week there will be education on a particular subject, such as Pain, Exercise, Stress, Sleep, Diet, Ergonomics, Gratitude and Values. Each session will also contain a practical which might be in Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Visualisation or Progressive Muscular Relaxation. This combination of techniques allows an individual the chance to see which works the best for them. You will also be given audio files to use at home between sessions.