Graham Yates - Osteopath - Deal, Kent

Neck and low back pain
Shoulder pain including frozen shoulder
Hip, knee and foot pain
Arm, elbow and wrist pain
Treatment of headaches
Pain in pregnancy
Sports injuries

Are you in pain?

"I was diagnosed with
knee arthritis and, as well as
being stiff, they can get
very sore.  I have been having regular fortnightly sessions of electro acupuncture with
Graham and I find it has
made my symptoms far
more manageable."
Mrs I Frith, SE London

If the answer to this is yes then there could be many reasons behind the cause. It is an osteopath's job to consider all symptoms in the context of your full medical history, as well as your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

Your treatment will be individually tailored to you, enabling you to get back to enjoying life, your hobbies and sporting activities as these have tremendous benefits in terms of health and happiness.